• This June 21st, Izzie is set to appear with Tokyo Witch Hunt at Live In Barnsley on the Walkabout stage at 2pm. TWH's new 4 track EP will be released that following Monday to iTunes and all other major retailers on Violent Candy Records.


  • It has taken a  little while to finish, and had been somewhat under wraps but a  new collaboration with John Kerruish (of The Alpha Video) has been wrapped up, entitled 'Showdown'. It is to be promoted in the guise of The Alpha Voodoo and has already been aired on DEF Radio to excellent appraisal.


  • ....saw the completion of the latest Voodoo Myth track 'These are The Flowers', which is awaiting a  release date from Violent Candy Records. We feel this song has real potential and are looking for the best way forward with it.

February 19th

  • In a  moment of madness, Fierce Kitten Records have decided to release an 8 track album from Izzie Voodoo And The Offering ...wait for it...ON MONDAY! The album, penned and recorded by Izzie and Mark Sheppard of The Offering towards the end of last year is to storm iTunes on 24th, taking the title 'Ice Blue Supernova' from one of the tracks of the same name. This is clearly obviously very exciting news, coincidentally as the writing duo  are due to begin work on a second project. Links to the album will appear here as soon as we have them.

February 9th

  • This last month has seen the completion of another Izzie Voodoo And the People track, a  slow, beautifully haunting, choral song, a  contrast from 'Photos' which is constantly bombarding the pop and electronic top ten charts at Number One Music, and which was performed by Derek and myself in a  debut performance at Electrostatic in Wakefield on Feb 1st. we are planning to release Photos in June time, backed by an official video.

  • Great news for Izzie Voodoo and the Offering, which had been put on a  back burner, in that the 8 songs we penned and recorded are to be released on Fierce Kitten Records. There will be more info on that for you as I have it.

  • My own Tokyo Witch Hunt song 'Hyperfreeze' is doing tremendously well at Number one Music, in and out of the number 1 slot in the Dance and Electronica charts for the UK and recently touched 8 in the GLOBAL dance chart there.
  • 'Tailspin' too is following it around.

  • Phizz Korporation's 'Through The Silence' reached number 5 in the UK Dance chart at Reverbnation after setting up a  page there only the week before.

  • On Friday 31st Jan, I appeared on stage with Johnny Normal to add additional vocals (as I do on the Mss Razorblade single and 'Talk To Me') to their fabulous set. I will also appear with them at Birmingham Flapper on March 15th (sold out), and plans are also for me to be appearing on their recording for their official Adam Ant tribute album (for which I'm told Adam has also recorded sections).

  • The exciting track I did with Compass 'I Don't Want It (come to me)' for Tactal Hots label before Xmas is now available truncated here to listen to, and Compass has kindly requested that I put vocals and lyrics to a  second track (which I haven't yet heard). I'm delighted , of course!

January 21st 2014

Daz Bailey Feat Izzie Voodoo (Isra Bigboss Mix) Aired on Gaydio with Phil Marriott. Track on Tactal Hots Label.



August 29th

Writing has completed with MC Stern and Spacekase on MC Stern's new hip hop EP. Izzie has contributed vocals to the project and the EP has interest for some record labels.

A great trance track has also been completed and is now awaiting distribution and promotion with Tactal Hots label. Izzie's vocals, lyrics and melodies are on here.

The first song to be written by Andre Ahuis and Izzie for other signed artists has been completed today. This is trance again of course.We await the excitment from this too.

July 9th

New Izzie Voodoo & The People Track

for anyone vaguely into anyhting 80s.


July 1st


Izzie has just completed a vocal cut for songwriter James Ivan for a pop track which is to be published by Tactal Hots Record Label. Work is to begin on a  second Tactal Hots trance track shortly for which she will also write the vocal section.

Work with Andre Ahuis has begun again for his great track- details will be revealed in a  few months.

Currently also working with Derek Anthony Williams on an inspired electronica track to follow up their trance track 'Sanity', but this time with a change of genre.

More trance will begin soon in a  twist of genre with the Voodoo Myth project (with reknowned Australian remixer/producer Marxmyth).

June 10th


Izzie is about to embark on a 5 way collaboration with producer Kaptain Spacekase and 3 highly talented emerging rappers on a hip hop/dubstep track.

There is also talk of a  collaboration with Silver Factory Superstars, and 'Ice Castles', the latest track from Voodoo Myth will be finished shortly.

MAY 1st


Izzie's collaborative track with Kaptain Spacekase, 'Higher' reached an astounding number 20 in the notoriously difficult to climb Juno D&B Chart last week- an amazing achievement on an independent label amidst huge labels and established artists.

We are very proud.

You can purchase your copy, which is backed by a remix of 'Dusk In The Woods', Izzie's Tokyo Witch Hunt track..  here

Buy Now.