'Izzie Voodoo pastes herself with the title 'Vox Whore' - something she says defines her as a songwriter who will add lyrics and vocals to anything she desires and she is making herself best known on the Electronica, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, House and Pop scene...'

Her unmistakable 'exquisite' vocals and eclectic song writing skills have allowed her that luxury and have earned her much credibility, with two Song Of the Year Awards under her belt and is now deep in extensive collaborations with well known and emerging writers and producers, delivering  lyrics, vocal melodies, guitars and keyboards as part of several acclaimed song writing teams as well as fronting Tokyo Witch Hunt, which brings her own solo projects to stage.  

Her  single, 'Higher', a collaboration between herself and Kaptain Spacekase from Kent (backed by 'Dusk In The Woods' remix, and released on London based record label, Audio Animals) astonished all involved by beating back massive labels to reach a soaring number 20 in the massive, and notoriously difficult to climb Juno Charts.

Recently her live antics fronting her own electronica band, Tokyo Witch Hunt (with Crash Barwick) were described by Donkaster Electronishe Freundshafte as having'... powerful stage presence as of Boudicca commanding her army to strike against the Roman empire mak(ing) this a killer live experience.'